Clark International Sports Complex


Clark International Sports Complex seeks to provide athletes and sports enthusiasts with an unparalleled experience in the Philippines.

Clark International Sports Complex is committed to creating an unmatched sporting atmosphere at a reasonable cost. Our hope is to promote an active lifestyle through sports and provide Clark residents and visitors with a place to come together and enjoy the outdoors. We also aim to increase guests’ enjoyment and appreciation for sports, whether they are players or spectators. The first of its kind in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, as the Clark International Sports Complex continues to grow, it will surely become a sports destination for the Pacific Rim.


Clark International Sports Complex boasts the largest baseball facilities in the country and currently offers a total of eight fields in a large expanse of land. There are two (2) professional “showcase” baseball fields with MLB dimensions and four (4) wagon-wheel baseball fields for practice use and tournament play. In addition, there are two (2) multi-purpose fields for soccer and rugby and a jogging path.

The Sports Complex houses central field restrooms, bleachers in four of the fields and dugouts in all six baseball fields. There is a jogging path that weaves through the sports complex, a volleyball court, picnic grounds and more.

Other Uses

The fields at Clark International Sports Complex, while designed for baseball, serve many purposes and can easily be transformed for other events. To-date, we have held softball and ultimate Frisbee tournaments, team building activities, small concerts and road races on our grounds.